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Here is the list of my favorite links. Some are science and technology related, some are social issues, stc. Just click on the preferred categories:

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Information Technology
My Multiply blogs (Photo Collections)This blog is primarily about my travel in europe, during my spare time...and some other writings as well04/28/2009 1:56pm (UTC)250 Clicks
Linuxworld onlineComprehensive review about Linux platform02/15/2009 8:17am (UTC)224 Clicks
PCWorld onlineThe most comprehensive review on PC platform02/15/2009 8:15am (UTC)227 Clicks
MacWorld onlineThe most comprehensive review about mac platform02/15/2009 8:15am (UTC)232 Clicks
Linux FoundationThe Linux Central Foundation, the members are big names in IT02/12/2009 1:35pm (UTC)214 Clicks
Apple IncThe classical zen marketing corporation, while keep maintaining its hi-tech profile01/21/2009 8:48am (UTC)226 Clicks




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