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Here is the list of my favorite links. Some are science and technology related, some are social issues, stc. Just click on the preferred categories:

The links are sorted by date (the newest links are at the top)

Bioinformatics source of GermanyA German Bioinformatics source and index02/16/2009 8:19pm (UTC)292 Clicks
Bioinformatics tutorialIt's a complete tutorial about bioinformatics. Familiarity with Linux or other UNIX based OS will be helpful. 02/15/2009 6:18pm (UTC)300 Clicks
PLOS Computational BiologyFree to access Bioinformatics peer reviewed journal02/12/2009 1:52pm (UTC)252 Clicks
Bioinformatics.orgOpen Source based Bioinformatics website02/12/2009 1:49pm (UTC)246 Clicks




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